Connect and share data and digital assets

Product Information Management (PIM) creates a single source of clean data, content, and other technical details you need to market and sell products. Essentially a library of product information that can be used across an entire company, PIM eliminates data silos and simplifies operations. Goodbye, Excel Hell.

PIM is your single trusted source of product information, ensuring you get a seamless information experience throughout your organization. And PIM is suitable for any sized company, no matter what the industry.

We use Pimcore’s product information management platform, which easily integrates into your existing IT system.

Images, graphics, documents, and videos are an important part of PIM. Pimcore’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) software works with PIM to pull all your media assets into one central location. letting you easily use and maintain digital assets no matter how large your organization grows.

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Master Data Management (MDM)

Consistent, accurate Master data

Data is your organization’s most important asset. Master data management (MDM) ensures that your shared data is consistent and accurate. In a nutshell, master data is what you track, measure or evaluate in reports, dashboards, and other tools — so it has to be reliable.

MDM gives you one single source of key information on customers, products, inventory, and other business measurables. It simplifies sharing data among departments and allows you to make intelligent decisions for your business. And it ensures you don’t have multiple versions of the same data in different parts of your business, which can result in errors, confusion between departments, and unhappy customers.

We use Pimcore’s master data management platform, which lets you accurately access, manage, and interact with your master data.

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Drive online sales and create happy customers

Having a customizable eCommerce platform with complete product information is essential for online sales. A well-designed online sales platform helps you sell more, creates happier customers, and can scale up as your business grows.

We work with a variety of powerful eCommerce tools including Magento, Shopify, and Pimcore to create a custom online platform that works for you. Your platform will help create positive customer experiences throughout the buying process, from targeted promotions personalized for each customer to secure checkouts and shipping services. And with a personalized interface to monitor key data such as sales volume, price lists, order history, and inventory, you’ll always have accurate, real time data right at your fingertips.

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Custom Integrations

Seamlessly connect all your software systems

Payroll. Inventory. CMS. Ecommerce. Digital asset management software. Your company relies on several software systems to operate. But it’s a pain if your systems can’t speak to each other. Custom integration is the bridge between software systems and ensures each user is seeing and using the same data.

We design custom integrations that seamlessly connect internal systems and third-party software. Connecting separate applications will simplify your business processes and reduce or eliminate the human error that can go along with having to repeat a task in multiple systems. Custom integration will give you easier access to all your valuable data, resulting in better communication and collaboration between departments and the ability to make better business decisions as a whole.

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Custom Development

Custom software that works for your business

Are you tired of looking for an off-the-shelf software that can do what you need? Or do you have a custom application that requires new features? Instead of trying to make a “one size fits all” software package work for your business, a custom software solution designed just for you could be a better choice.

Solving business problems is what we do best. We use Pimcore’s innovative platform to create custom software solutions that do exactly what your business needs. We’ve developed solutions for industries across North America, including insurance, food service, aquaculture and sports medicine, and have created stand-alone web portals, PIM systems, ERP integrations, mobile applications, and financial tools.

We don’t have the red tape of a typical organization, which means we can adapt quickly and solve problems efficiently. From defining a project to developing and maintaining the tools needed to get results, we continuously improve and streamline our work, so our clients are always satisfied.

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Pimcore Partnership

Gold Level Pimcore Partner

A Gold Level Pimcore partner, Torq IT uses Pimcore’s innovative platform to create custom software solutions for clients across North America. We look at problems from all angles and do whatever it takes to work out the kinks — your challenges fuel our passion.

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