Open Position

Design and UI/UX Development Lead

Full-Time, 40 hours per week
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
80K-100K+ salary

The Role

In the short term, help us design and deliver beautiful, functional, and responsive frontends to our clients working with our team of experienced developers. Work with a variety of small and large clients, choose frontend tech stacks, mentor developers, and lead projects with the support of our backend and full-stack developers. Deliver projects with our small and close-knit team of 15 who are used to wearing multiple hats and delivering quality work.

As we continue to grow, you will get to build and own the Design and UI/UX team at Torq. Hire the team you want, grow their role in the business, own the frontend stack and design philosophies, and cater your role within it. You may develop shared libraries, introduce new technologies, create design systems, evolve the UI workflow, or hone the team to the point that fully bespoke designs can be used for every project.

Compensation varies based on experience and responsibility.


  • Delivering Mockups, prototypes, and shippable production designs for projects.
  • Help improve and create internal libraries shared between projects.
  • Help with HTML and CSS/SASS implementation of designs.
  • Work on shared React components.
  • Review work either by Code Review or Pairing
  • Lead and grow the Design and UI team


  • 3+ years of experience in delivering software applications
  • Bachelor’s degree, or;
  • Diploma of design, UX, or development, or;
  • Equivalent industry experience.
Required Skills
  • Able to mock up or prototype design ideas (Figma, Photoshop, elaborate cocktail napkin dioramas, etc).
  • Able to implement those designs.
  • Willing to lead and mentor other designers/developers.
Bonus Points
  • Experience working on and/or managing multiple projects at a time.
  • Experience with modern frontend frameworks like React/Angular/Vue.
  • Experience with modern frontend styling systems like Styled Components, Tailwind, SASS/LESS, etc.
  • Experience with modern prototyping tools like Figma.
  • You are excited by the opportunity to grow your own team and guide the evolution of a company.
  • You think about where work can be re-used and where work must be unique.
  • You have built a design system before.

Benefits and Perks

  • Healthcare and Dental
  • $1,000 self-directed professional development budget
  • 2-3 weeks of vacation
  • No Overtime!
  • Snacks and drinks provided at office, and monthly team lunches.
  • Yearly performance bonuses
  • $1,200 self-directed home office budget
  • Flexible work from home policy: most of the office works partial days or weeks from home

About Torq IT

We are the tradesmen of IT, a small pit crew of professional developers and consultants who get under the hood to solve problems and make business more efficient.

We are a small but rapidly growing company of developers, who doubled in size in the past year! We work on several projects for various clients ranging from enterprise business systems to IoT platforms to startup incubation. Given our size many of us wear different hats and have the opportunity to regularly touch the frontend (React and TypeScript usually), backend (C#/.Net Core, or PHP8), CI/CD (GitHub Actions, Azure DevOps), or infrastructure (Azure, AWS, on-prem). But as we grow there is more opportunity to specialize as well.

We are pragmatic, finding the best ways to deliver what our clients need without overdesigning or getting lost in the weeds. We reinvest time regularly in figuring out how to improve our process and make our lives easier as developers.

We often work with modern stacks and get to build greenfield solutions. Using the latest versions of .Net, PHP, React, TypeScript, etc. We use a lower case a agile approach to iterate our projects and process to continuously improve. We use Continue Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Pull Requests to ensure high quality work is delivered with minimum friction.

We do not work overtime. We work to set realistic deadlines which can be met with regular working hours and go home afterwards.
We are completely self-funded and profitable, with happy long-term clients and lots of new opportunity.

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