SKU Management Time Saving Tips

If you have 1,000+ SKUs in your business, managing it can be very time-consuming. Learn a few SKU Management Best Practices to get time back on your side.

Victoria Moura
March 18, 2021

When it comes to SKU management, you want a Product Information Management (PIM) system that will save you time and energy. Enter: Pimcore. A centralized platform that allows you to boost your efficiency by uploading and updating all of your product information in one place. Pimcore’s innovative platform saves you countless hours—and Torq IT’s custom solutions can help you put it into action.


As a B2B company with hundreds or thousands of SKUs, there’s no question that data accuracy is essential. Data accuracy can be challenging when multiple platforms are used—all of which need to be updated frequently, and often by different people.

In an experience-first commerce world, Pimcore helps businesses stay ahead of the curve by maintaining flexibility and data quality. The ability to update all of your SKU information within one central hub is essential for a strong business strategy, helping improve both customer relationships and conversion rates. Your customers require accuracy—and you require efficiency. With Pimcore, you’ll have the best of both worlds.


By adopting proper SKU management best practices, you’ll see returns at every level of your business. Some of these best practices can end up being time drains if they’re not implemented correctly.

With Pimcore, you’ll be able to manage SKUs properly and efficiently. Here are some of the ways which Pimcore can help you elevate your business:

  • Improving your information visibility
  • Reducing errors and processing time
  • Improving collaboration with your suppliers and teams
  • Providing the ability to enrich product information for all of your processes.
  • Providing proven data models for all of your products and their information
  • Sharing product information securely across enterprises, trading partners and the globe as a whole
  • Synchronizing data across your company
  • Lowering data management costs

Torq IT is a Pimcore gold partner. That means that we work with companies like yours to deliver client-facing, value-focused Pimcore implementations that help you enrich your systems from the top down. You’ll save time, increase client trust, and create a data management system that makes sense.


Without proper project information management systems in your business, your business is vulnerable to significant risk—especially if you’re attempting to manage SKUs in multiple places at once. Access, update, and synchronize your product information with Pimcore instead, and you’ll find that you are left with more time to tackle other company priorities.

It’s simple, really—scattered, siloed product information lowers your data quality. With Pimcore, you’ll be able to create a single source for all of your data, giving you everything you need to consolidate and manage your data, digital product information and efficiency as a whole.

And we don’t stop there—we’ll work with you to define your business goals, help you develop solid workflows for your product information, and provide the resources you need to ensure the quality of your data.


Pimcore’s powerful, streamlined framework is built to improve businesses data and assets from the ground up. Torq IT will help you implement Pimcore in a way that makes it easy for your team to modify and update your data as needed, even without advanced technical experience.

Pimcore also has an intuitive UI for managing data in the admin interface, where there are more advanced features for your data experts. As Pimcore experts, we can help guide your data experts through some of the admin functionality they would need when maintaining your data. All of these efforts come together to strengthen and organize data management, improve your customer experience, and save time.

Our highly flexible, moldable data-modeling capability also allows you to see multiple data types, custom views, and advanced structures. With the addition of centralized data assets, syndication, security, scalability, and flexible deployment, Pimcore users visualize their data in the best possible way.

If you’re ready to save time in your business with custom solutions built specific to your needs, Torq IT is the team you’ve been looking for. Schedule a call with us to learn more.

Case Study

The Client

The Problem

The Torq IT Solution


  • "IWT transitioned support of the custom backend and data dashboard to Torq IT in 2019. It was a very nervous time as our clients rely on the service to interact with the SENTRY product. With only limited documentation Torq IT was able to maintain the service immediately. Torq IT has been able to improve the quality of the service as quantified by faster service response time and achieving zero server downtime for the past 3 months. Complaints from clients regarding service response have been evaporated."
  • Colin Ragush
  • Technology Lead, Island Water Technologies
  • "We have worked with Torq IT for several years now. Torq has created custom business intelligence tools and system integrations for our business that are core functionality. Torq takes the time to listen and understand what the system requirements are, and provides meaningful real world explanations of potential paths. They then execute these plans into real tools. I highly recommend Torq's services."
  • Dave Iwankow
  • Director of Digital, AmerCareRoyal
  • "Torq IT developed a customer portal and business intelligence suite for our business. The project was delivered professionally, on time and on budget."
  • Eric Paladino
  • Vice President of IT, AmerCareRoyal

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