Managing Product Information Simply and Easily Across Multiple Platforms

High-quality data is essential for any business. Scattered data can be your biggest enemy, to escape the worksheet hell, a PIM is your best solution.

Victoria Moura
March 18, 2021

It’s no secret: Poor data management is a recipe for disaster. Every day, companies around the world waste time and money managing data across multiple platforms.

A Product Information Management (PIM) system can solve that issue. With a robust PIM system, you can streamline your product information, improve data consistency, and offer a more reliable customer experience.

Torq IT’s custom solutions can help you put it into action.


Product information is a vital component of any product-based business. Whether you’re an inventory manager searching for product data or a customer looking for product details, there’s no faster route to frustration than a poorly built PIM system.

Product information can be challenging to manage, especially when a business is responsible for multiple categories and sectors. Relying on several spreadsheets (and multiple versions of those spreadsheets) to manage and update crucial data is not effective. You risk delays in time-to-market, publishing outdated numbers, depleted or overstocked inventory, and ultimately customer dissatisfaction.

It’s time to adopt a PIM system that eliminates errors and allows you to streamline product information and optimize your business operations.


With Pimcore, your product information is consolidated into one system.

Pimcore is the best Open-Source digital platform for data-driven businesses, helping its users enrich their information, ensure compliance, and build accuracy-first systems.


Open-Source Pimcore's open-source PIM software centralizes and harmonizes all of your marketing, sales, and technical product information.

Web-based User Interface With a web-based user interface and context-sensitive drag & drop operations, Pimcore makes working with product information more intuitive.

Consolidated Data Pimcore delivers reliable, clean, and consolidated data with enterprise-class data quality and data governance that scales.

Publish Instantly to Multiple Channels Pimcore's rich omni-channel publishing functionalities automatically supply your output channels with the correct product information.

Data Integration Between Multiple Platforms Pimcore enables you to take charge of data integration through easy import and export of data between Pimcore and external systems.

Digital Asset Storage With Pimcore’s powerful Digital Asset Management suite, you can associate graphics, documents, audio, and video to your products, and maintain them as needed.

With Pimcore you can
  • Acquire, manage, and share digital data. Pimcore is designed for easy integration into existing IT system landscapes.
  • Ensure your product data modelling stays as flexible as possible, enabling your PIM and MDM to grow along with your organization.
  • Boost accuracy and productivity by establishing clearly defined business processes and standardized editorial workflows.


The inability to ensure accurate information is available in multiple channels hampers day-to-day tasks within the company. Updating information in product fields using different methods creates inefficiencies and could lead to inaccurate data.

Pimcore gives you the ability to consolidate and update your product information in one place — and then have those updates pushed across multiple channels. This is a true gamechanger.

At Torq IT, we help you implement a PIM system to digitize your processes and decrease time-to-market. If maintaining your product information has been a limiting factor, we can deliver a custom Pimcore solution that will fit your needs.

Are you ready to revolutionize your business efficiency, accuracy, and customer experience? Set up a consultation today, and we’ll get you started.

Case Study

The Client

The Problem

The Torq IT Solution


  • "IWT transitioned support of the custom backend and data dashboard to Torq IT in 2019. It was a very nervous time as our clients rely on the service to interact with the SENTRY product. With only limited documentation Torq IT was able to maintain the service immediately. Torq IT has been able to improve the quality of the service as quantified by faster service response time and achieving zero server downtime for the past 3 months. Complaints from clients regarding service response have been evaporated."
  • Colin Ragush
  • Technology Lead, Island Water Technologies
  • "We have worked with Torq IT for several years now. Torq has created custom business intelligence tools and system integrations for our business that are core functionality. Torq takes the time to listen and understand what the system requirements are, and provides meaningful real world explanations of potential paths. They then execute these plans into real tools. I highly recommend Torq's services."
  • Dave Iwankow
  • Director of Digital, AmerCareRoyal
  • "Torq IT developed a customer portal and business intelligence suite for our business. The project was delivered professionally, on time and on budget."
  • Eric Paladino
  • Vice President of IT, AmerCareRoyal

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