Product Information Management for Enterprise Level Companies.

Data accelerates success.

Good data is the backbone of any business. But having some information in a spreadsheet over here and more information in a spreadsheet over there is a recipe for disaster. It’s Excel Hell. A robust Product Information Management (PIM) system pulls everything together so you know exactly what data, content, and other assets you have to help market and sell your products — from an individual SKU on the tiniest part to sales numbers for the past 10 years. Clean, high quality data that helps your business run smoothly and work better.



Connect and share data and digital assets throughout your organization and distribution channels to reduce bottlenecks and eliminate errors.

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Consolidate data from many systems into a clean single source to ensure accuracy.

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Connect online sales tools and processes to create a positive customer experience.

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Custom Integrations

Seamlessly connect internal systems and third-party software for one comprehensive solution that works.

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Custom Development

Create unique software that does what your business needs.

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We partner with Pimcore to accelerate your project’s success.

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Case Studies

Using technology to solve real-world business problems.

Learn how Torq IT helped an enterprise level product distributor improve their shipment data accuracy.



We’re the tradesmen of IT, a small pit crew of professional developers and consultants who get under the hood to solve problems and make business more efficient. From defining a project to developing and maintaining the tools needed to get results, we design the software you need to improve your operations.

A Gold Level Pimcore partner, Torq IT uses this innovative Product Information Management platform to create custom software solutions for clients across North America. We look at problems from all angles and do whatever it takes to work out the kinks — your challenges fuel our passion.